Hanoi's first contemporary art center lies underground

Vincom center of contemporary art (VCCA) has just been launched in Hanoi and become the must-go site for the young.


If you are a contemporary art lover, VCCA is for you. The center focuses in 3 main targets: to invest in maintain museum, to preserve Vietnam art culture heritage and work of art, history… There are many interesting things and fresh temporary art knowledge waiting for being explored.
Beside exhibition space with impressive sky window and floor design adaptable to respective events, there are also video projector room, creative factory, art classes, library, tea house and artwork storage rooms.

VCCA’s first exhibition named The Foliage is being held, displaying works of 19 Vietnamese and foreign artists.

One of the works of The Foliage is Wish Tree by Yoko Ono, wife of John Lennon. Visitors to the exhibition can write their wishes on small pieces of paper – known as wish-tags – and hang them onto the tree branches.
The wish-tags are collected by Ono, buried in capsules in and around her Imagine Peace Tower in Reykjavik, Iceland, which emanates a skyward light for two months every year, starting on John Lennon’s birthday, ending on each anniversary of his passing. A monument to his memories and legacy, Wish Tree is a celebration of life, love and unity.
The Foliage is open to the public until August 6.

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