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Vietnam Institute for Urban and Rural Planning (VIUP) is a public service unit under Ministry of Construction which has following functions: organizing scientific research; applying technological advances to serve governmental management in the fields of construction planning including regional planning, urban planning, rural development planning, technical and environmental infrastructure, urban design, landscape architectural space (shortly construction planning); responsing to climate change, heritage conservation planning; organizing training courses, enhancing the quality of cadres, co-operating with foreign countries and propagating information on technological science; doing consultative activities;  technical services, production and business in the fields of construction, architecture.

Vietnam Institute for Urban and Rural Planning has the status of a legal entity, with its own seal, has opened an account at the state treasury and bank; acting under self-control and self-responsible mechanism of the public scientific and and technological organization  in accordance with the Law of Vietnam.


1.     Setting 5-year plans and annual plans and arranging to implement the plans, working tasks of the institute, working out scientific research projects and non-profit projects, applying the technical advances, developing and transferring technology in the fields of construction planning.

2.     Implementing the tasks of supporting state management on construction planning assigned by Minister of Construction or state agencies, including:

2.1   Conducting research and proposing orientation, strategy, overall planning of national urban system development; mechanism, policies on urban and rural development,  technical and environmental infrastructure development, other kinds of architectural buildings.

2.2   Building database system, carrying out research on methodology, compiling, applying the system of standards and regulations on construction planning and technical infrastructure in the country and in the world;

2.3   Researching, proposing and participating in compilation of legal documents on construction planning;

2.4   Researching, making projects on regional construction planning, urban and rural planning, preservation planning, technical infrastructure planning for regional planning, new rural construction planning, national and international border gates, economic zones, high technological zones, specific economic zones and other specific planning

2.5   Researching, proposing integration of environmental planning in construction planning projects.

3.     Organizing research on construction planning, heritage preservation, urban and rural development, technical infrastructure, urban design, landscape architecture; researching and carrying out environmental protection activities, responding to climate change in planning field.

4.      Investigating, surveying, collecting, synthesizing, managing stored data and providing information, documents in the fields of construction planning according to the Geographic Information System (GIS)

5.      Publishing Journal of construction planning, website and other information materials on construction planning; summarizing theories and practices, organizing forums to exchange views, theories, information as well as activities in the field of architecture, construction planning.

6.      Training M.A and Ph.D students in construction planning; training and improving the ability of staffs doing research, consultative work, construction planning and supporting the issue of practice certificates on construction planning and urban planning management; training and propagadizing information on science and technology, urban and rural development planning, urban design and urban landscape.

7.      Co-operating with domestic and foreign organizations on activities of the Institute according to the assigned functions and tasks.

8.      Implementing consultative activities, technical services in construction planning, including:

8.1    Consulting regional construction planning; urban planning; new rural development planning; planning of the economic zones, high technological zones, technical and environmental infrastructure, urban design, urban development planning, landscape architecture, specialized planning, heritage preservation planning, urban development programmes, project on classifying and upgrading the urban towns, specific plannings.

8.2    Consulting investment, consulting design and construction projects of the civil buildings, industrial buildings, urban infrastructure, water resources, transportation and hydraulic buildings, construction survey, construction geology, topography, environment; design of buildings; inspecting technical designs, drawing and making construction investment estimation, consulting bids, consulting project management, landscape design, interior and exterior decoration design and construction; making building models

8.3    Implementing survey, measurements and mapping, monitoring  effects of land, water, air environment; making a report on strategy environmental assessment, assessment environmental impacts concerning construction planning project, architectural buildings, technical infrastructure ones;

9. Implementing consultative activities, technical services in construction, architecture including:

9.1 Testing, supervising, assessing the quality of buildings; consulting environmental impact assessment concerning architectural buildings

9.2 Consulting technical supervision, verifying bidding documents and final settlement of works; inspecting technical drawings, construction drawings and total cost estimates; Proposing projects on reinforcement and repair; Preparing bidding documents and evaluating results of bids.

9.3 Applying the inspected results in the upgraded buildings

10. Organizing exhibitions, displays in the field of architecture and construction planning throughout the country;

11. Managing collections, development of geographic information system (GIS), database on architecture, construction planning and urban development management.

12. Managing organizational structure, staffs, implementing salary and other policies, emulation, reward and discipline of officers, officials and employees of the Institute in accordance with law and with the regulations of Ministry of Construction.

13. Managing the allocated finance, properties and profitable activities of the Institute in accordance with law and with the regulations of Ministry of Construction.

14. Performing other duties, powers as assigned by the Minister of Construction.

(According to Decision No 68/QĐ-BXD dated January 25, 2018 of Ministry of Construction)


Board of leaders

The divisions and centres 

1. Division of Organization and Administration

2. Division of Planning and Finance

3. Division of Scientific and technical management

4. Division of data management and GIS applications

5. Research division of Urban development policies and strategies

6. Centre for Information, training and international cooperation

7. Centre for Physical Planning No1

8. Centre for Physical Planning No2

9. Centre for Physical Planning No3

10. Centre for Physical Planning No4

11. Centre for Architectural consultancy and construction investment

12. Centre for Hanoi's planning and architecture

13. Centre for technical management and construction inspection

14. Centre for surveying and mapping

15. Centre for technology transfer of Physical planning

16. Institute of rural planning 

17. Institute of environment and technical infrastructure

18. Institute of urban design

19. Sub-institute for Central region urban and rural planning

20. National palace for architecture, construction planning exhibition


Headquarter: Vietnam Institute For Urban And Rural Planning

No.10 Hoa Lu - Hai Ba Trung - Ha Noi

ĐT: | Fax: 84.4.39764339

Email: info@viup.vn * Website: viup.vn

Contact persons:

1. Hoang Tan Truc – Head of Division of Organization and Administration

  Mobile: 84.947027279

2. Nguyen Trung Dung – Director of Centre for Information, training and international cooperation

   Mobile: 84.902019968