Conference “Existing situation of Construction Planning and international experience on sustainable development of coastal economic zones”

The above-mentioned conference was held by Vietnam Institute for Urban and Rural Planning (VIUP) on December 23, 2019. The conference is in the framework of the Protocol on Science and Technology Cooperation between the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and the Cuban Government on "The construction planning and planning management solutions to efficiently exploit resources for the development of coastal economic zones’’ implemented directly by Vietnam Institute for Urban and Rural Planning (VIUP) and Institute of Physical Planning (IPF).

Many representatives from Ministry of Construction, professional associations, institutes and researchers of VIUP participated on the conference. On the Cuban side, economic and commercial counselor Irmina Perojo Bellido de Luna as well as Cuban specialists from IPF also attended in the conference.

The purposes of the conference were to introduce the initial research results of the two institutes on existing situation of the construction planning, international and domestic experience on sustainable development of coastal economic zones. This was also an opportunity for the research group to collect the opinions from specialists, managers to perfect the research content of the project.

At the conference, Eng. Vu Tuan Vinh presented the article "Overview and some problems on development planning of Vietnam coastal economic zones" mentioning to establishment and development of 17 economic zones, obstacles, reasons and next research orientation".

Architect Le Hoang Phuong had a presentation on construction master plan of Van Don economic zone to 2040, vision to 2050, including orientation, development strategies to turn Van Don economic zone into one of motivation areas for economic development, a flexible economic center, striving to be a smart modern city.

The specialists from Institute of Physical Planning presented the international experiences in planning and development of coastal economic zones, failed and successful lessons in USA, Spain, Germany, Holland... In addition, the Cuban specialists introduced the establishment and development of Cuban coastal economic zones and recommendations for Vietnam.

The guests also exchanged views on relations between residential areas and coastal economic zones, between urbanization and coastal economic zones, factors to create the success of the coastal economic zones, the lessons from Vietnam experiences....

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